Qualitylure – Welcome Aboard

Sometimes we all get trapped.

Some time ago, I dipped my feet into the pool of the blogosphere. Other projects came along, not the least of was a sour economy, and I dropped my attempts. I have always been somewhat interested in documenting my way of life. But for the most part, the writing I have done has been technical in nature. Consulting reports, accounting digests and technical manuals required for projects and job conclusions were adequate but not fulfilling. I have thoughts and ideas that need to be put down in writing, that much I know. This time I am going to follow through. It ‘s important to get this done, I promise to push myself.

Putting words into writing comes easy to me. They may not be grammatically perfect but I believe they are fluid. I have never had a problem with the words. Keeping the train on track has always been my biggest issue. An accountant focusing on taxation for most of my professional career, keeping a readers attention has never been an issue. Often, they were paying for the report and if not, the report was about ways to put money in their pockets. That was incentive enough for people to read through what most would consider mind numbing copy. But I never really considered it writing in the normal sense of the word. It was just work.

I started Qualitylure around ten years ago as a means to an end. The life of a tax accountant had lost what little luster it ever held for me. The loss of a younger brother who had essentially worked himself into the grave was all the incentive I really needed to make the change. My goal with Qualitylure was to make a living doing something that I enjoyed while still being able to pay the bills. I had become a fishing degenerate of sorts and looked to mesh my lifestyle with something I truly enjoy. It has been ten years now, and I still am on the quest. Yes I have made some money, but no where near that which I need to live the lifestyle I long for. So it time to make some compromises. Writing will be incorporated into the game plan. I already do some sports reporting, mostly fishing reports. I have also had a few articles published in outdoors magazines. My goal this time is to stop limiting myself, to write about things I enjoy in addition to angling. I’ve led an interesting life, always diving into anything that interested me. I have never waited for someone else to give me the okay. If I wanted to do it, generally speaking, I did. That is how I will treat this foray into blogging. In the beginning, it will be trial and error. But as we go along, I am hoping to develop a style. And a following. Stay tuned, it may be a rocky ride. But what the hell, it will be interesting. I still love my fishing adventures but there are other things that get my attentions as well. I am rabid when it comes to politics, you may at initially think that I am hard right. But if you dig a little deeper you may find that it’s the principle that intrigues me not the direction.  I may lean a little right but I am not afraid to take a position in the middle or even left of center if I feel strongly about it. Don’t  come at me with a rebuttal if you can’t support the issue. Nothing irks me more than the “because I said so” position. That goes for all topics. Give me a reason to change my mind and I will, but it better be a good reason. And not just on politics, all topics are fair game. Debate is the key. So jump on the train and let’s get started. The fun is about to start!

Michael C.